Farmhouse Saké (Doburoku)

November 02, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
General Admission

Make your own Sake through an ancient technique known as Bodaimoto which relies purely on the alchemy of rice, koji, water, time (and love and patience).  This is a 3 step process which we'll start in house and you'll take home stage one in a  jar - with koji for step 2 - and a couple of bottles for the final bottling step.

This makes a very heady brew that you can nurture and change to your liking once you have the confidence to do it. 

We will taste some Doburoku at different stages of its fermentation process so you know what to expect as well as other delights made using Koji including Amazake. Amazake is a sweet, more immediate (overnight) drink made with rice and koji, often used for energy, healing and for its sugar-like properties. In Japan they call it the 'drinkable IV drip' . 


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