Continuous Brew Kombucha/Jun Crock Raw

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A gorgeous tapped vessel, dispenser, and piece of art for both the fermentation and consumption of Kombucha or Jun tea.  The capacity is 9 litres.

This crock is designed for continuous brew - porcelain keeps the light out and helps keep the temperature stable, the 'feet' are actually designed to hold a whole 2 litres of your brew which helps keep the necessary reserve you need for a lower pH, and allows the sediment to settle BELOW the tap which is particularly genius if you've already tried using any old glass tapped jar.

The lid has beautifully designed holes in it to let air in and fit a small muslin cover beneath it to keep those pesky vinegar bugs out. This isn't just the most beautiful crock, the design is intelligent. OH! and the tap is stainless steel. :) 

Go ahead to our Live Cultures section and get yourself a Kombucha or Jun SCOBY, with some of our own brew to start with, our recipe, and a piece of muslin. 

These ceramics are made to order so can be a 3-4 week wait, at this stage we won't have any until Jan. 2022.