Duii vinegar concentrate
Duii vinegar concentrate
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Duii vinegar concentrate

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Drink like a shrub or cordial with water, or use as a vinegar. This is more subtle and sophisticated than coconut or apple cider vinegar. it's almost caramelised over time. And time is the key word here. 

I'd been wishing for a good rice vinegar for a long time - driving around, in the shower - whenever I was dreaming of my next ferment to make. But you can't do everything and I didn't have the skills, nor could I find anyone else out there making it nearby.  I think I may have manifested the connection because Duii contacted me and asked if we'd like to use it. 

Brown rice - fermented for 7 years in clay pots - herbs and fruits added as it ferments into a beautiful vinegar. Buy this and use it yourself in drinks, on salads, on rice for sushi. Cocktails too. Fizzy water or flat. On ice is best. We are proudly putting our stamp on this product.

We are in awe of their techniques, the thousands of clay pots fired on site. In this vinegar shrub the fruits and herbs are fermented IN the crock, not added by us just to flavour it.

A gentle, more rounded and long vinegar - the rice gets an almost caramelised burnt honey flavour. The Siwu - 4 Chinese herbs is my personal favourite and contains Angelica sinensis, Paeonia lactiflora, Ligusticum chuanxiong hort and Rehmannia glutionsa. Traditionally combo's for women - to help with blood flow and also then for anyone after a liver cleansing. Not strong enough when diluted with water to be wary of though.  It's delicious. Further flavours coming soon. x 

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