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Wild and Lacto-fermented corn - cut into ribs that you can knaw on and throw the ribs to the middle as you would a bone. Delicious straight off of the cob as a snack - for fussy kids - for adding a fermented and slightly tangy and sour aspect to a salad or salsa - and fabulous on a grill. All of the sugars sit on the outside of the corn and so it is super quick to caramelise and warm - no need to worry about cooking it through. 

The brine has garlic, peppercorns, coriander seed, and green jalapeño's and a couple of chillis - they aren't at all spicy - it just adds a bit of warmth and flavour to the corn. 

These are a seasonal ferment - comes in a 500g jar.  Pop them on the BBQ and then smother with butter - dip into something delicious or paint them with our soup fix blend! It's great to use the brine in a sauce if you are cooking the corn as a way to get the good bugs involved. 

1 jar - $14.00

3 jars - $40- 

Feast set - 2 jars of corn, 1 kimchi paste (350g) and 1 Brown rice vinegar - PLUM (500ml) $67.50