Community Cupping - April 27th, 9.30-11.00am

Saturday 27, April - 9:30am: General Admission

Join Market Lane Coffee and The Fermentary for a fun, casual, and informative coffee tasting session where we will taste and talk about some of our favourite coffees.

Cupping is a system of tasting and evaluating coffee that is used throughout the entire supply chain. Cupping helps roasters to decide which lots they are going to purchase, provide direct feedback to coffee producers, and to ensure that each and every batch of coffee that leaves the roastery tasting it’s best.

For customers and newcomers, cupping is a great way to compare coffees side by side, and to begin to develop your palate. When coffees are experienced comparatively, their different flavour profiles emerge. Over time you can identify a Kenyan coffee just by its taste, and you will know what we mean when we talk about a coffee's sweetness, acidity, or body.

This casual tasting session is suitable for anyone who’s interested in learning a little bit more about coffee. We’ll keep it fun and accessible while also introducing some of the techniques we use in the industry to taste coffee professionally and objectively, with the goal of helping you feel more confident and informed the next time you’re ordering a coffee or buying beans.

This April we are celebrating 10 years of TF by introducing pour over coffee in our store and offer our space to you to slow down while we serve you a cup and perhaps even some fermented nibbles. 

To help with the celebrations, we are running a few educational tastings with our talented friends and coffee partners.


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