Seeds, Oils & Sauces

Hot sauce, fermented ketchup, beautiful oils and carefully roasted seeds. This is a growing category at The Fermentary that started because we found delicious ways to use our byproducts. Our hot sauce uses the kimchi juice and the spent fruit from the water kefir, the mustard is the juice from the sauerkraut vats, or kimchi vats, or a batch of miso from a workshop. 

The seeds and oils are important and will be appearing here shortly -  acid goes so well with fat and we want to make sure you are able to source these very fine products from around the world. Folk medicine includes the use of oils with acids as a way to eliminate parasites, and so many applications written on the uses of  mustard throughout history.  Eat them because they are delicious; good to eat, even better for your gut. x