Workshops, events, tastings, dinners, festivals.. we are here for it share and connect and keep the traditions alive, fight the homogenisation that is a result of our industrialised food system. Get some wild into your life, and then of course - inside your body (and your people) x

I love to host a workshop, an event that casts a wide net of all the people and to be able to share things I love with people that have skills I don't have to learn together. It's an honour to be able to share the things that capture magic and bring wonder into our every day When you are feeding life, nurturing life in a jar - there can be a quiet ritual that I find quite soothing - a plan for the future - something quietly growing and transfomring amongst the busy. 

This business was started by me trying to teach, not make - but oh! people kept saying they just wanted to be able to buy it. Please try to make. I love to make it for you but! there is nothing like doing to appreciate a thing for what it is.