Sauerkraut with Caraway

Good for you, good for your gut, but most of all - good in your mouth. Pure and simple. This one ferments for quite some time and you will end up with almost a whole cabbage in the large size jar due to the way we pack it and the way the cabbage shrinks. The taste changes depending on the time it's been fermented and so do the bacterial content and vitamin C count, and all the rest.  It really has it's own story. We add a gorgeous celtic sea salt, and organic caraway seeds to beautiful local cabbages.  And that's all it needs. Oh and of course a dark little anaerobic place to sit and ferment itself. Wild, raw and fermented.   Crunchy, sour, salty sweet and a tiny bit nutty. YUM. Goes well with avocado, eggs, anything oily really, crackers and cheese, through a salad or in a Reuben sandwich or in any other toastie. Limited only to your imagination. 

Smokey Jalapeno Kraut

Our latest two ferments and a favourite in this house with the teens.  They are making cheese toasties with it, cheese on crackers topped with it, and often just eating it straight out of the jar.  The Jalapeno is smoky and subtle with a warm glow of jalapeño and a musky hint of black pepper all mixed with the fresh sour tang which seems to keep you wanting more.  Your gut doesn't even know this is good because your mouth is so happy. :)

Red Kraut / Rød Kraut

The Red Kraut (Rød Kraut) stems from my years in Denmark where it was served warm and usually with some apple and butter through it. You can still do that - cook the apple in butter and cool it to room temp. and mix the kraut through. But you don't need to. It has a lovely mild warmth of fennel seed and the sweetness of red cabbage. Pairs well with anything creamy like potato gratin, or a creamy pasta, on crackers with a soft cheese or through a salad or Buddha bowl. It's quite popular with Buddha bowls, lots of avocado, a grain, a cashew dressing. The simplicity of this kraut is also the best for people on FODMAPS . 

BRINES - the Kraut and Kimchi Tonics