We are dedicated to the art of wild fermentation and specialise in creating artisanal ferments that transcend the ordinary. From small-batch, award-winning sauerkraut and kimchi to kefir and tonic, each product is crafted using century-old methods. This not only ensures an exquisite taste but also provides a nourishing boost to your gut health and overall well-being.

How to heal your gut ~

The importance of our gut health is no longer a question. Feed your microbiome with living foods and plenty of fibre. There are whole shelves of books on gut health, your microbiome, the gut-brain connection, good guts, clever guts... Books on what not to eat, how to eat, on fermenting, and gut-specific diets.

Where to begin?

MFW Legend Award 2021

Honoured with the prestigious Melbourne Food and Wine Legend Award in the category of Food Advocacy and Producer, Sharon Flynn, founder of the Fermentary, has dedicated three decades to perfecting the art of fermentation.

Experience the culmination of her passion and skill at The Fermentary, where every product is a testament to Sharon's experience and credentials.

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