Sauces by Ferment and Fire Smokey Jalapeño + Feijoa BATCH 3 - GREEN (250ml)

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Ferment, Fire, and Fungi- using smoke, fire, and fermentation - in this case, we are also utilising ingredients from our other ferments.  Fermenting with by products from our other ferments. Perfect. 


Meet Batch #3 - GREEN:   A very pourable smokey jalapeno and feijoa hot, living sauce - smoked Jalapeno's fermented with local Feijoa and fermented IN the juice of our Smoky Jalapeno Kraut. This is a JOY. Not spicy just very interesting, warm and intriguing. I imagine ghee on soft white rice with this poured over top with some greens would be very satisfying. 

100ml or 250ml

Keep refrigerated - these are living foods - full of life and a perfect way to add goodness to any situation.