Fresh Rice Koji (sent to you frozen)

Fresh Rice Koji (sent to you frozen)
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500g fresh Australian Koji.

We grow our koji on Australian organic, bio-dynamic, rain-fed rice.  The Tane-koji we use is imported from Japan and was chosen because it works well for both miso and Sake or Doburoku. It also will work beautifully for your other experi-ferments.  

We make our Koji weekly and so we like to send it to you fragrant and fresh so rather than dry that koji,  we send it frozen - living and ready for action.  To keep it from any further growth make sure to put it in the fridge if you're going to use soon after getting it, or freeze it as soon as you get it. You can keep it there until you need it. 

Rice Koji is the thing you need for all of that lovely enzymatic action to make miso, doburoku (rough sake), shio-koji, shoyu-koji, shoyu  (soy sauce), mirin, - whatever you come up with. People are powdering it to age their meat, vegetables - you can marinate with it, make pickles with it.. my favourite thing is Saké, but miso is a great place to start. 

Beginner? Check out the miso making kit that includes dried Koji, soybeans, salt a jar, seed miso, instructions and other accoutrements. 


Organic Australian Rice, Koji Starter (Aspergllus Oryzae)

Shelf life

1 year

Fresh Rice Koji (sent to you frozen)