Sweet Miso by Kaokao


This sweet miso(similar to "White miso") tends to be lighter and sweeter in flavour as it is made with less soybeans, salt and a higher ratio of rice koji that creates nice sweetness, and is fermented for only 6months. 

This miso is suited for Soup, as a marinade, as dressings, even desserts!  Try mixing with Peanut butter and spreading on toast or with Mochi. So so goooood. x


White Rice, SOYBEAN, Salt, Koji Starter(Aspergillus Oryzae)

Made in Australia 

・Using 99.9% Australian Ingredients

・Naturally Fermented(6month +)

・No Artificial colour/ preservatives

・No MSG/ Chemicals

・GMO Free

・Gluten Free

・Vegan Friendly



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