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The perfect present!  Remember that feeling after Christmas - when people had gone and you finally got the time to open the giant lego box or put the Barbie pool together? That's this kit. It can sit there until life gets quiet - and you'll get that spark of excitement when you remember it's there. Oh to have some time and a project! Make it  - and then wait and watch. 

This is a bit special for us as well. Fowlers Vacola and The Fermentary have joined forces for this kit to come together.  Fowlers are an Aussie preserving institution and this kit has come from a place important to both Fowlers and The Ferm - to make preserving for flavour and for good food available, easy and fun. 

These kits are the perfect price point for both the beginner and the avid fermenter. They are only 1 litre so you can make batch after batch, experimenting with flavours as you go. They come with all you'll need to ferment - apart from the fresh vegetables. There is also a plastic lid for putting it into the fridge later on, so you can use the lid again and again.  

Grab one or more of our refill packs!  If you run out of the dry ingredients and want to make more, these packs are perfect for you.  They have a copy of the instructions, as well as three times the dry ingredients included in the associated kit. 

Otherwise, jar and airlock system included in this kit will work for any of the three Fowlers kit ferments - so purchasing a refill pack for one of the other types (brined veg or kimchi) will enable you to make that ferment as well!

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This kit includes:

Fowlers 1 litre jar with stainless lid and air lock system

Mount Zero pink lake salt 

Fennel and caraway seeds

A recipe from The Fermentary

Black plastic lid for when you're ready to refrigerate