Charmalade - a Ferment and Fire jam one jar full

Charmalade - a Ferment and Fire jam
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This is jarred in a very special, collectable ORANGE shaped and textured Kilner jar that takes a whopping 500mls of jam. Made with love - and in collaboration with Ryan Aldrijd from Whack it on the Barbie fame and our new project - Ferment and Fire. 

We have made this purely through popular demand. (The recipe is UP in our recipe section as well).... but everyone kept asking us just to make it.....hmmm this reminds me of the time I was making Sauerkraut and trying to teach people but they asked me to stop talking and just make it for them. That's the jam here. 

Whole oranges - charred all over until steaming and hissing - and then marmaladed. It's a superb and rounded, delicious version of an old favourite. This is lovely on toast - and particularly our own nutty bread - but also marries superbly with cheeses. Well, maybe not marries, but flirts. I have made lovely milk kefir and even better whey kefir soda or water kefir flavour with this too.  All the things. 

Charmalade - a Ferment and Fire jam