Rennet for Cheese making (vegetarian)

Rennet for Cheese making (vegetarian)
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This non GMO Vegetarian Rennet contains five sachets; each makes 6 litres of milk into a wide range of soft and hard cheeses.  We love to use this rennet because it creates no bitterness in the finished cheese and it is also the rennet of choice for several of our favourite artisan cheesemakers.

Dissolve this strong vegetarian Rennet in cold, unchlorinated water and add to milk to coagulate it into firm curds, according to your recipe.  

Ingredients: GMO-free Maltodextrin, Vegetarian Rennet (fermentation produced chymosin milk clotting enzyme).


Cultures: Each pack coagulates up to 6 litres (6 quarts) of milk

Storage: Refrigerator

Rennet for Cheese making (vegetarian)