Miso Crock with miso making kit - enough to make 6 litres of miso

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The loveliest addition so far? Another breathtaking piece developed with Emma Jimson of Pom_me_granite the same way we have seemed to do over the years - fermenting something we love, talking about what we wish we had, and Emma coming up with gorgeous solutions over and over until she humbly calls it ready, and I happily tell her "yes you freaky gorgeous genius!  It's perfect".

We think this is the right size vessel for home miso makers - at 8 litres it will most likely provide you with enough miso for the year... depending on your miso habit of course. 

Made using porcelain clay with a clear gloss glaze on the inside and a black matte glaze outside.

This comes with 3 perfectly sized weights that are handcrafted with stoneware clay and glazed on one side with a clear satin glaze. And also a swathe of beeswax cloth made by Emma and her own bees. 

Capacity - 8 litres Diameter - 22cm  Height with lid - 21.5cm

If you'd like - go over to our Live Cultures section to add a miso kit that contains all you'll need for you miso making. 

These ceramics are made to order so can be a 3-4 week wait.