Le Parfait Stainless Steel lid kit Kit

Le Parfait Stainless Steel lid kit
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A beautiful Le Parfait 2 litre jar  - tall and voluptuous, also very flexible -  not just for fermenting - it comes with a sturdy spare bright orange lid for storing the ferment in the fridge afterwards or if you need it for dry storage. 

The stainless and deeply moated airlock system lid makes a glorious sound when the air escapes.. like bracelets on a wrist. Or the last drops of rain on a tin roof. 


The kit contains the lidded system and a Le Parfait 2L jar with orange lid as well as seeds, salt, gochugaru and recipes for kimchi and kraut

Kit with book includes kit above and Ferment For Good by Sharon Flynn.

Purchase Lid only if you already have a Le Parfait jar of this size.

Le Parfait Stainless Steel lid kit