Italian Cheese Baskets

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This set of five Italian soft cheese baskets gives the home cheesemaker a versatile range of moulds for draining a wide variety of soft cheeses. Perfect for ricotta, cottage cheese, soft feta, paneer, and quark. We also use them lined with cheesecloth for draining finer curds such as cream cheese and mascarpone. Made in Italy from BPA free plastic, these cheese moulds are dishwasher safe.

The set of 5 includes:

- two small round baskets (300g)

- one large round basket (450g)

- one medium square basket (450g)

- one large square basket (500g)

These baskets make a perfect gift together with the Zine by Jo Barret and Jana Langhorst 'Have a go series' Feta, and our cultures and rennet. Check out the Have a Go series pecial set - baskets, zine, rennet and culture.