Honey and Black Garlic KIT

Honey and Black Garlic KIT
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This one is near and dear and would make a wonderful present - we cure the Black Garlic here at The Ferm, so you can peel the garlic cloves out of their skin and reveal the shiny black jewels yourself. All you need to do is pour over the honey and sprinkle over the Nigella seeds. Close the lid and let it ferment. As the garlic is already cured there won't be a lot of gas and oozing -just transformation as the honey thins becomes molten and flavoured like caramel.

Kit includes 

1 honey pot jar by Kilner and twizzler stick

1 whole head of black garlic (Australian, organic of course)

250mls raw local honey

Nigella seeds

Instruction booklet

This will make a perfect gift for the avid fermenter but even more so for those that are interested but don't have a lot of time. A wonderful way to give the gift of home fermentation. 


Honey and Black Garlic KIT