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Home fermentation can be difficult with the natural fluctuating temperatures. Kitchens can be very cold in the winter, and hot in summer - which is why we thought this flask was so good, particularly if you're making milk kefir, cultured butter, or yoghurt all winter and don't want to fuss with plastic, electric contraptions.   

 This stainless steel Fermenting Flask has a double-wall vacuum that holds whatever temperature your ferment needs for extended periods. Included is a heavy glass AGEE jar - the same size and shape as a Ball or Mason jar, with a stainless lid because we like making food in glass, not plastic and you can pop it straight in the fridge. 

This flask comes with enough beautiful organically grown milk kefir grains, pulled from the vat the day we send it, and enough for your first 1-litre batch. Illustrated recipe card and support if you join our FB group, Ferm Fam. (To learn more about our milk kefir grains, take a look at our Milk kefir SCOBY page

The Fermenting Flask is excellent for yoghurt, soft cheeses, cultured butter, kefir, dairy-free yoghurts. The simple, compact design makes it easy to clean and store. 

  • (Comes with The Fermentary's own milk kefir grains)
  • Double-wall vacuum insulated technology
  • Battery and electricity-free
  • Glass jar with stainless steel lid - 1 litre
  • Plastic-Free product
  • External dimensions:
    • W 13cm x H 20cm
    • W 5.11” x H 7.87