Ferment Your Own Kit - KILNER kraut

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This is a neat little unit - perfect for a jar of brined carrots, hot sauce or any other brined vegetable, kimchi or kraut. The mouth is a little smaller than the Fowlers jar and the airlock is already incorporated with the lid and requires no water. It comes with a little glass weight and a spare lid so when it's ready you can take off the weight and put the lid on and straight into the fridge. 

We love having Kilner Jars as part of our Ferm. family offering - it feels good, and luxurious. They are gorgeous jars, lovely, thick and can be filled with anything you like when you aren't fermenting by using the regular lid.

Choose from Kimchi, Pickles (wild fermented), or Kraut

The kit comes with 

1-litre jar and glass weight

Airlock lid and spare lid

Salt, herbs and spices 

Recipe card 


You can easily turn this into a beautiful gift by adding the stomper by Remaek - Anthony Nelson