Shio Koji - 100mls


A traditional condiment made from fermented malted rice. Great as a flavour enhancer or pickling medium, this umami bomb break downs proteins into amino acids for the benefit of our taste buds. Our shio koji, unlike the heat treated commercial ones, improves over time in the fridge.

Uses: Mix with a bit of grated ginger and garlic and marinate chicken thigh for at least 2 hours/overnight before baking. The natural enzymes break down the proteins and make them super tender and moist. Alternatively, place baby cukes and marinate for half an hour or couple of hours and it transforms into a delicious pickle.

Best before: 6 months in the fridge

Storage: Keep refrigerated and use a sanitised spoon to prevent cross contamination

Ingredients : Koji, salt and spring water (oh, and time) 


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