Water Kefir SCOBY



There is a history of sharing these cultures - kind of like story telling.  It feels better to give them away and they aren't the kind of thing that should be out in the world 'for sale'. They need to be cared for. In the early days we gave them freely but that seemed to encourage people to take too many (taking one for friends, or one of each SCOBY etc) and they'd end up with too many to care for. And so instead we think of ourselves as caretakers of these cultures, and you are paying for that - and the right to take care of some yourself. (oh yeah - and the packaging, the recipe and time we have put into writing this!). xx   Enjoy. And make sure to share yours around too.. 

We care for our grains with springwater, from Daylesford, \organic raw sugar, organic dates and a touch of blackstrap molasses. These grains are part of our own brewing right up until the moment they are pulled from the vat to be packaged for you.


We send a quarter of a cup - enough to start a 2 litre brew, with complete instructions for your first batch. You can check out the recipe on this site anyway - in preparation.  You should start your brew as soon as you can when they arrive.

All going well - you could have a brew ready within 3 days from when you receive them.

Our cultures are never refrigerated so are ready to go -  the SCOBY you get is pulled from our vats the day we send them. Please note we prefer to send fresh grains on Monday through Wednesday - just to be sure they aren't sitting somewhere hot for a few days, so be patient. These will last a generations should you allow.  x


No matter where you are - we can certainly send these to you. Water Kefir grains do so well with dehydration, they can stay stashed away in a drawer somewhere for as long as needed until you're ready.  This makes them a perfect present. When you are ready to use them, it'll be a few days, maybe even a week or so of waking up and you'll be all systems go. 

They come with a recipe - but we have some on this site here, and how to brew here so you can get into it while you wait for your grains.

Get the book to go with the grains for an even better present,  (in my opinion).

Contains 20g dried grains -  The Fermentary's own brewed kefir SCOBY - pulled straight from the vat and dehydrated.  And a lovely, illustrated recipe card by Lyndsey Knight.  


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