pH Strips

pH Strips
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Sometimes you need to measure the acidity of your ferments. Maybe you are used to doing that, or maybe you want to go deeper - and know about this process and your own ferments or perhaps knowing the acidity levels feels good to you. A disclaimer is that I rarely do this however when I do - I'm glad to have these in my drawer.   

There are 100 strips in each pack and they measure a pH range from 4.0 to 7.0 in increments of 0.4. Just match the colour of your sample with the code on the pack to get an indicative reading.

Development of lactic acid is an important indicator of food safety in cheesemaking - a low acidity creates an environment that is quite hostile to spoilage bacteria and friendly for the good ones we rely on. 

Measuring the pH of your cheesemaking and ferments will help you understand how active the lactic bacteria are that produce the acid and can help troubleshoot problems with your ferments.

pH Strips