Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains


If you can't buy our ready to drink water kefir - sorry! These days, due to the tight fermenting kitchen/alcohol laws etc here currently,  we only brew for family and friends, a few little shops and restaurants here and there.

BUT. No matter where you are - we can certainly send these to you. Water Kefir grains do so well with dehydration, they can stay stashed away in a drawer somewhere until you're ready, and make the perfect present. When you are ready to use them, it'll be a few days of waking up and you'll be all systems go. 

They come with a recipe - but we have some on this site here, and how to brew here so you can get into it while you wait for your grains.

Get the book to go with the grains for an even better present,  (in my opinion).

Contains 20g dried grains -  The Fermentary's own brewed kefir SCOBY - pulled straight from the vat and dehydrated.  And a lovely, illustrated recipe card by Lyndsey Knight.  


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