Honey Ferments


Using honey to make mead has been my favourite discovery over the last few years. Perhaps it brings out the witch in me?  There's a chapter on this in my book which isn't out for a few months yet and I post a lot of honey ferments on our insta. account so due to popular demand I'm popping this recipe up now ;) Everyone should use their honey for this gorgeous liquid that comes from fermentation.  The best flavours often come from only a few ingredients and this is one of them - simply raw honey and a fruit or allium of your choice.  

1. Pour your honey over the amount of fruit you have to cover it, and seal your jar. The yeasts in the honey will wake up and not slowly either - beware the overflow so leave head room in your jar and make sure to burp the jar every 24 hours at least (if you don't use an air lock). The action will go on for a week or more and then slow down. You'll be left with a honey that tastes strongly of what you put into it - peeled cloves of garlic, peaches, nectarines, blackberries, shallots.... persimmons - whatever takes your fancy or you'd like to preserve. Slice fruit into slithers or pieces that you'd like to plonk onto something later, blackberries made a gorgeous ferment and the liquid honey is amazing. 

I've got garlic in a jar of honey that's about 3 years old. The garlic is quite translucent, almost creamy and very sweet; the honey of course is all garlic... fantastic drizzled over some blue cheese, a lamb chop, any vegetable dish, potato and leek soup.... it's up to your palate to do the craving and find all of the ways to use it. Of course you will use it as a cough medicine or on sore throats.... add some nigella seeds, and a sprig of thyme to this for a potent healer. 

(only 1 direction... simple as that. x)

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