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Kombucha SCOBY

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It’s always a nice thing to give SCOBY’s to friends, and hand them around freely. Once you start your fermenting journey, you’ll see that they grow readily under the right conditions and there’s plenty for everyone. If you can find a friend or someone online through a Fermenters page that’s great.

Our SCOBYs are robust and healthy and have been cared for with love and the best, organic ingredients, never refrigerated. They come in a 1 litre jar, with some starter 'buch, muslin and a band,  instuctions, 2nd ferment ideas and the offer of my advice and support through email/FB message.

Have some black tea and sugar ready - or order our full kit that also includes tea, organic raw sugar and a 1 litre bottle to get you started right away. Kombucha is a very hardy SCOBY and a good choice for people who go away sometimes, or would like to do a continuous brew. (We stock a gorgeous ceramic continuous brew crock for this..!)

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kombucha 7.jpg