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Water kefir kit

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Just make your own water kefir. It's so easy and you can start fiddling around with your own flavours and fizziness.  I'll send  you fresh grains, a 1 litre jar and complete instructions for your first batch including 2nd fermentation flavour ideas. You could have a brew ready within 3 days from when you receive them. Our cultures are never refrigerated so are in perfect condition -  the SCOBY you get is pulled from our vats the day we send them. Please note we send fresh grains on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only - just to be sure they aren't sitting somewhere hot for a few days.  

There is the option of ordering the 'whole kit' which includes a thick, round 1 litre bottle to 2nd ferment in,  a 2 litre jar to ferment in, the perfect amount of organic raw sugar anddried fruit so you can start your ferment as soon as you get it  x 

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2016-04-17 09.12.39-2.jpg