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Ferment For Good - by Sharon Flynn


My book! If you are new to fermenting then this is a great way to get started. There's a chapter on Dairy, Vegetables -kraut and it's variations, kimchi's, brined vegies, There's a Japan chapter - natto, sake lees, some vinegars, miso and koji ideas. And of course there's honey ferments and SCOBY work as well as a few non-SCOBY related drinks.  And a few general favourite things and ways to eat them. 

The book contains many of the recipes The Fermentary make, and of course what we make at our own home, for friends and our 5 kids.  Lots of stories - perhaps a bit of oversharing - from the different times and places that I picked up a new ferment skill.  

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER -  In stores this May. x

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Ferment For Good CVR 3D.jpg
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